Woman Unintentionally Walks Upward on the Wrong Side of the Escalator Because She Was Too Busy With Her Phone

In the past, communicating to people required physical presence. In order for you to converse with someone, you actually had to be in front of that person and talk to them. Of course, there were letters and snail mails for people who are far from each other and need to communicate, but it took them weeks or even months to get each other’s response.

Then came the invention of the telephone by Alexander Grahambell. This invention was so powerful that it made the world smaller by allowing people from different places to get to talk to each other. And as the technology in communication advanced, telephones also evolved.

From being wired telephones that are attached to the walls of our homes, we were introduced to mobile phones which we can carry anywhere. As time wore on, phones just kept on evolving; from mobile phones to cellular phones, multimedia phones, and flash forward to the late 21st century, we now have what we call the smartphone.

These little devices’ functions are no longer limited to calling or sending a message. Now, we can take photos, record videos, watch the news, play games and a lot more. It is probably this type of convenience that smartphones bring that led us to being glued to them all the time.

We are all guilty of trying to get a hold of our phones first thing in the morning, even before we open our eyes. Being able to access social media through it also contributes to why we fiddle on our phones most of the time.

But spending too much time on our phones can actually lead to some misfortunes sometimes. Just like this lady in a recent viral video who was seen to be too focused on her phone and not paying attention to what was happening around her.

The clip has reached over 6 million views since its posting and it’s probably because it was too funny and entertaining to watch. In the footage, we see a lady not caring about where she was heading. She was too busy texting on her phone that she didn’t realize that she was trying to walk upwards on a downward escalator.

She tried to keep climbing upward but since the escalator was moving the opposite direction, it seemed like she wasn’t making any progress in terms of getting to the upper floor. She even glanced around her and still did not notice she was on the wrong side of the elevator.

But the moment she realized what was happening, she could not help but laugh at the whole situation, and probably herself, too. We see her almost falling to her knees because of laughing. She probably couldn’t believe that she looked like a fool because she was too consumed by her phone.

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