Woman discovers ‘thousands of bedbugs’ on her bus seat

Residents of Philly have an awful lot to be proud of. The City of Brotherly Love has been crushing it in the sporting world recently, it’s an important center for art, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most fun cities anywhere in the U.S.

The city also has its own specific charm and edge that makes it such an interesting and beloved place.

Unfortunately, gruesome footage shot by Crystal Lopez in Philadelphia shows that one of the number 26 buses in the city is suffering from a pretty serious bed bug infestation. You can check out the video below but here’s fair warning: you may begin to feel itchy everywhere!

The footage was grabbed earlier today and Crystal Lopez explained:

“I was on the 26 bus and was on my way to Bridge St to board the 56 bus when I started feeling A burning itching sensation throughout my entire left arm the next thing you know I look and it’s over a thousand bed bugs and I get up and quickly notify the driver and she pulled the bus over, letting everyone off. As we waited for the supervisor I also caught a very bad allergic reaction.”

Gross, right?

While they don’t carry disease their bites can be painful and bed bugs are notoriously troublesome to get rid of. Once they’ve taken hold in a person’s home they’ll most probably need to contact professionals to fumigate the property. Having an infestation on public transport like this is a worrying sign and it’s good to hear that it was handled to quickly by Crystal and the drivers.

Let’s hope that the issue is cleaned up quickly and the residents of Philadelphia don’t have to worry about any further problems!

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