Unbelievable: Waterfalls’ waters move upward instead of falling to the ground, watch how it happens here

Different people have different preferences when it comes to their favorite bodies of water. While the most popular of all are beaches and lakes, there are also a few of us who love the sight of waterfalls. But what happens if the water from the falls doesn’t actually fall?


A specific video has gotten so much attention over different social media platforms recently. And if you have seen it, you wouldn’t be asking why it has gone extremely viral. After just a short time since its posting, it has gathered almost half a million views from different parts of the world.

The video begins with a nice and stunning view of a sweeping landscape. We also see a couple lying on their bellies as they watch something from over the deep cliff. The guys was on the right, wearing a navy blue shirt, while the girl was wearing some sort of lilac blouse. They seem to be photographing or taking a video of what was obviously a massive waterfall.

The camera pans to the left and gives us a view of how deep the cliff was, and how beautiful the scenery was on this place. But the video pans back to the waterfall, and all of a sudden, you realize something was amiss. Something about the majestic waterfall was not right. And then you figure out what it is; the water is actually moving upward instead of falling to the ground.

The video zooms in a little bit more, and we see that, indeed, the water looks like it is climbing back up to the falls instead plummeting straight to the ground. You could even see the water spraying upward, even going beyond the height of its origin.

What is even more surprising comes a few more moments into the video, when the camera holder decides to show us the bottom of the pool, yet we don’t see it. In the video, you will never see the bottom of the pool, nor its water basin because there is none. The waterfall cuts off halfway, and the rushing water never reaches the ground.

Instead, before it totally falls, the wind pushes it upward hindering the water to make contact with the ground. It was really an amazing thing to look at as it rarely happens for us to see anything defying gravity, all the more if it is water that doesn’t really have a life of its own.

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