This Soldier’s Method Can Help You Fall ‘Asleep in 2 Minutes’

How often do you lie awake in the middle of the night, unable to sleep despite needing a good night’s rest to do what you have to do the next day?

If you’re in a battle or a life or death situation at war, you need to be able to go to sleep when you need to, despite extreme pressure, loud sounds, the threat against your life or whatever it is.

People try all type of things to try and get a good night’s sleep. Certain chemicals or herbs are promoted, and the chemicals are probably toxic while certain herbs aren’t strong enough, with other things that would actually be effective, drugs, being harmful to the body or addictive as well.

When it comes to becoming disciplined about something you do, it really can only come from within. Relying on things other than your own willpower and endurance is incompatible with truly growing and becoming better at something.

Even enduring stressful situations or loud noises, this technique claims that it can help a person fall asleep in just two minutes.

The technique was promoted by Sharon Ackman, an author who supports the military and veterans with “high performance” techniques and skills. In an article published through Medium she claimed that “96 percent of pilots” can fall asleep in two minutes or even less after about 6 weeks of practicing this method.

The article reads:

“Imagine being able to fall asleep almost instantly. No matter how many things are going on around you, or how on edge you feel. Being able to block out all that background noise. Knowing how to slow down your body, switch off your mind, and give yourself permission to reset. Turning five minutes of downtime into guaranteed slumber.

Everything will be easier. Your mind will be clearer. Your decisions will be better. You’ll have more energy, and you’ll be able to push your body further, day after day.

While others are wriggling around, fixating on uneven terrain or the loud snorer, you’ll have a combat-tested system for sleep. One that will keep you sharp, constant, and on top of your game.”

According to one article, five steps of this process were described better by a sports performance book.


Relax your face, your jaw, your tongue even, and what are described to be six muscles surrounding your eye sockets. Don’t squint or frown: all muscle tension needs to be calmed.

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Draw attention to your shoulders, drop them down and allow the muscles in them to slowly relax. Then, move that toward your upper and lower arms. Try one side first, and then the other.


Breathe out slowly, and relax your chest.

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Finally allow your legs to relax and be free of tension. It might help to start with your thighs, and move down to your lower legs in a motion similar to how you relaxed the rest of your body.


Now, it helps to spend some time clearing all thoughts, clutter, and everything from the mind. It helps to be trying to do this while you’re relaxing your body in the first 4 steps. You could picture a serene lake, or the sky, or the stars, whatever makes you relax. Over time, you can think of what is most effective to clear your mind.

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Some articles on this topic have chosen to promote this sleep plan as a “US Navy” technique.

Sure this sleep technique in the particular way it was described possibly did originate in the US Navy, being promoted by Sharon Ackman, but it’s disrespectful to the victims of war, from soldiers who learned how it is to civilians, to glorify the US Navy without being reminded of what the reality of war is.

With much love and respect to the innocent people who pass away during war, the civilians in those occupied countries, and everywhere else, with recognition of the value of their lives it’s disrespectful to them, to promote things from the US military as cool. It’s a mentality that is controlled, it’s the “order follower” mentality that allows money to make our world worse than it has to be.

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