This man made netizens laugh when he suddenly does this in a gasoline station!

A lot of circumstances truly test our patience and character. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to be calm there are just moments in life where it is impossible to find the zen spirit within and unleash our inner angels to try to be good.

In the morning when you wake up, you’ll immediately hear the news and in our present times, it seems like hearing bad news had been a constant. It’s like every day we’re counting bodies involved in the fight against illegal substances. Every day, the inflation rate goes up and up, and the value of the money that we can buy before becomes less and less. Imagine that 1,000 pesos, before it can last a person up to one week, but now it’s hard to even stretch it in two days.

It’s uneasy to see your fellow Filipino enduring hardships. On our way to work, while we ride comfortably in our cars, we see more and more people, being engulfed in a life below poverty. They are sleeping on the streets, begging for money and some food. It’s hard to be motivated when everyone around you seems to be taken in an atmosphere of negativity and struggle to make ends meet each day.

That’s why this story of a man who suddenly goes berserk on his motorcycle although full of humor can also be related to everyday stress. The man in the video, was filling up his ride with gas. He was trying to get something from the compartment section of his motorcycle, but the seat won’t cooperate, it keeps on falling down on him and that’s why he got irritated and in a matter of seconds, the gasoline boy, pulled him away from the motorcycle seat he was punching with much gusto.

Yes, it’s funny. But if we think about it, moments like these can only be brought about by excessive stress. When a person has a bad day, and just when he or she thinks, it can no longer get worse, and it does, this is what happens. We release our frustrations in even the craziest ways possible. We fight with inanimate objects. We become aggressive at the smallest problems. We deviate our attention to avoid confrontation. This reflects a bigger problem.

And while we might not know, what it is. It is already prevalent that this guy has become viral because of what he did. A lot of netizens find it hilarious and funny.
We just hope that the next time, the driver would not try to pick up a fight with his seat, because that’s just borderline insanity.

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