This Illustrator Hilariously Sums Up The True Struggles Of Adult Life

Some comics are more relatable than others and these comics perfectly fit the first group.

Clare Kayden Hines is an artist from California who shares her observations about crazy, strange, mundane scenarios of the life in a form of colorful comics.

This Illustrator Hilariously Sums Up The True Struggles Of Adult Life

Clare started drawing from a very young age. “I started drawing after I got my first dog, Buttercup,” she told. “I was 5 and I was so obsessed with her that all I wanted to do was draw her on every piece of paper I could find. I eventually expanded to drawing other subjects beyond dogs. I’ve taken a few drawing classes, but in general, I just doodled and drew for fun… mostly during class or boring meetings. Probably way too much. My classmates started noticing me drawing in class and would ask me to draw pictures of their dogs for them!”

When asked about the start of the comics series, she explained that she’s quite new to the comic artist game. “I’d never done a “true” comic until I started this account in October 2017. I was working at a large tech company and felt starved for a creative outlet. I dreamt up an illustrated alter ego, Kayden Hines, who reflected the tension I felt between doing everything I was “supposed” to do, and my growing resistance to doing so. She was my comedic release.”

“I started illustrating Kayden as she went through various awkward, ridiculous, mundane, and frustrating life scenarios. There’s something so funny to me about our constant battles with ourselves to be functioning human beings. It’s like our brains are constantly at war with our sloth-like selves to get stuff done. And sometimes it’s the mundane things that feel the most insurmountable, like looking at a sink full of dirty dishes, saying “UGHHHHHHH, F*CKKKKKK”, and then doing the dishes anyway. Or responding to a long email from a camp friend asking “how are you?” that’s been sitting in your inbox for 3 months giving you anxiety.”

And what’s the best and worst thing about drawing comics? “The hardest part is definitely, when I have an idea or concept in my head, but I don’t have the technical skills or ability making the comic look how I want,” Clare explained. “It can feel very frustrating! The best part for me is making people laugh and having them see some part of themselves in my comics. I love that I can take an insane thought or observation that exists in my head, turn it into something tangible, and put it out in the world. Seeing people say they relate to my work or that they share similar experiences is such a cool feeling and makes me feel less alone in this crazy world!”

The author shared the importance of the comics to her by saying “it is my way of finding humor in the most mundane aspects of life, and making them universal and relatable. My goal—beyond my account being a creative outlet for me—is to make people feel less “alone” by seeing themselves in my posts.”

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