The young woman’s eardrum was bitten by a cockroach that scares a lot of people

The Chinese girl’s eardrum was torn by a cockroach while she was sleeping.

Chinese media reported that a girl had to call emergency after detecting Cockroaches in her ear and bitting the eardrums inside. According to report, a doctor at Guangdong province took the cockroach out two days after the 20-year-old was hospitalized. Huang Dan, a doctor who specializes in crashes and insect wounds, says it is a German-originated cockroach and has bitten a small hole in the eardrum of a woman, causing severe bleeding.

The insect flies into the ear

“I felt like a needle poked in my ear. At first, I thought it might have been because I was ear picking too hard and I was freaked out to know it was a cockroach.” After realizing it was a cockroach, the girl tried to kill the insect by dropping a few drops of hot oil in her ear. This only makes the situation worse. The girl added, “Then the insect stopped moving and I thought everything might be fine, but my hearing was getting worse.”

Immediately go to the hospital to take the insect out

Huang said that he usually receives one or two similar cases each month: “Most patients live on the ground floor or in wet environments, poor hygiene leads to many insects living such as cockroaches, rats, bug grows “.

You may lost your hearing if the insects bite your eardrum

Dr. Huang also said that the eardrums are very sensitive and that those who are in pain should go to the hospital right after the accident instead of trying to relieve the pain from home remedies.

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