The video mermaid’ chases visitors on a river in Puerto Rico


Recently, a group of tourists boating on a river in Puerto Rico was surprised when they witnessed a ‘mermaid-like’ creature following them.

According to TheSun, the video was recorded by Morales Deby when she and her friends were boating on the Isabela River in Puerto Rico..

At first, the group focused on the scene in front of them and then to the scene behind. Everything is so normal, suddenly they see a ‘human-like’ creature moving in the water, following the boat.

The video has attracted a lot of attention and is widely shared on social networks. Some people say that the ‘mysterious’ creature may be the mermaid.

Others said: ‘This is the first time I saw ‘water ghost’, so scary!’

Others have a more scientific way of explaining that this is simply a big fish or a special effect added to the video.


This strange creature has not been identified yet.

‘The first time I saw this video, I thought it was a mermaid,’ said Barry Ghai, an anomaly researcher. It seemed like a human-like creature was chasing their boat in the water. It’s not a soul or a ghost, but sure a creature. ‘

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