The rescue of a dog falling down into a deep well – The magic happened at the last moment

Breathtakingly watching the rescue of a poor dog that fell down into a very deep well !

This rescue team got a call to save this poor dog that ‘trapped’ himself by falling down into an extremely deep well.

More dangerously, this well had water inside it, making it even more difficult for the dog to keep his strength to escape.

She lose all of her strength, she must have been swimming for hours

He was at risk of drowning and by the time the rescue team arrived, he had apeared to be relatively weak. How poor !

He gradually lost his physical health and could do nothing but lying there, giving the camera the most miserable look.

Finally, a group of people from a animal aid organistion was announced and arrived in time. After great effort, a rescue man, together with professional equipments, reached the poor dog. They quickly and skillfully got the dog out of the deep.

He finally reached the poor dog

She was then sent to the nearest animal hospital. She had a whole examination, the result was, even though there were minor injuries with her feet, she was fined. It’s really pleased when hearing that, right ?

After all, we should applaude and send many thanks to these unknown heroes who saved this dog. They did it, simply because of their love for animals, especially pets. Their purpose was not for profit or fame. These kind of people need to be recognized and admired.

She was soon sent to the nearest animal hospital to have a whole examination

“I was scared at first because i thought that what if there was only the camera man stood there to film and even if he called for help, nobody was able to come in time ! Luckily, she made it until the last moment ! Such a powerful girl !”

“I have to say that i did cry when watching this video. It gave me goosebumps that i don’t know why ! Both the will of the dog and the rescue team should be admired !”

Don’t worry ! She was fine !

“I thought that well could not be that deep, but when there was the whole scene, i was like, omg, she might have been dead, such a miracle !”

“God bless this dog as well as the rescue team ! I found love in this video !”

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