Say goodbye to your messy life with these easy hacks

Organizing things at home or even just your own closet is really a time-cosuming activity. However, it is still considered a must to organize your clothes or other things you often use so you can easily spot them whenever you need it and also to save space inside the house.

As it may sometimes be a dilemma, here are a few clever and easy things you can do to organize your own closet.

Folding Undies:

These little pieces of clothing are a must for everyone to wear but they can really be hard to organize. So, here’s a tip. Just start by folding just a single pience of underwar into half, then eventually add another one and the cycle goes on and one. Put all the folded ones in a small box and there you go, they are now completely put in just one place.

Fast way to fold a T-shirt:

Try to locate the three main parts of the shirt which is the collar, the center and the hem. Quickly grab the two parts first and make them meet with the third part. The shirt is now folded just like that.

Organizing clothes in hangers:

As much as you no longer want to make your clothes look wrinkled, the space for hangers inside the closet can sometimes be too small. Worry no more, this hack is the answer to that. Simply pull out the discarded part of softdrink or beer cans, put them in hangers and there you go, more clothes can no be hung.

Too messy socks:

Socks are really hard to organize because they come in pairs. Here is an easy way to keep them in check, simply glue together pieces of felt fabric. Just glue pieces together as to your need. After doing so, spread them and you now have your portable socks organizer!

See the full video and try out these tips now!

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