No need going to cinema to watch “Now you see me”, you can also witness the double magic right on this stage

How are The Four Horsemen in real life? Don’t worry, let these magicians show you.

Are you a big fan of hot movie “Now You See Me”?

You love four magicians with their perfect jokes, don’t you?

Have you ever thought you would meet them in real life? Why not?

Today, I would like to tell you that you can do that, yes, it’s not a lie. No need going to cinema, you can watch this hot movie right on the stage, even it will be more interesting than the magic in movie.

We have known that The Got Talent Global is a global game show which brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world.

Every episodes of this show made audiences feel surprised and believe in the human’s incredible abilities. This performance below is definitely not an exception.

Right at the beginning, twin magicians have a special greeting.

Even the way their partner appeared is not normal. They tried to draw two light lines on the big LCD-board.

A few seconds, she appeared like an angel.

As soon as starting, they made the judges feel so excited and can not close their mouths.

They continued their performance by realizing all of images in LCD board from balloons,…



even their partner.

And they still had a big surprise for everyone which made judges astonished. What was this? Let’s watch to the end.

After posted on social media, this performance has gone viral and given many comments from community. Most of them expressed their admiring to the magicians’ ability and did not know it was a magic or a trick.

Meanwhile, many people believed in magic on the stage.

“I’m sure that they are students of Griffindor”.

“People are saying that this iisn’t that impressive because the tricks are pretty old. But it’s the performance that counts here”.

“Just what I needed. More amazing talent to to make me feel question the existence of Hogwarts”.

“This is so amazing.. wow!”

Some other people considered that were totally tricks and shared their experiences.

“You can figure out how they did everything going frame by frame. And the ladder made me laugh because you can buy collapsible ones at hardware stores. But they pulled everything off with a lot of style, speed and accuracy”.

“1 guy 2 girls behind the screen, digitally mixed 1 guy went 2 came,and digital girl on screen n stringed Red cloth pulling it to back(common trick)becomes her dress, popping balloon, Bulb behind the i pad or something, popping foldable umbrella picking it from behind and hiding it ( almost all objects)lader and mop from bag you know that is push able to small( you can make your own or buy in magic shop) and mop used din co ordinate properly on screen, covering 2 girls to crawl from behind screen with big sheet of cloth and Finley tricked as if she appeared from trick, well if you notice properly every move you can see how they done, but Mixed it well and innovative but tricks are old.. I can explain everything how they done”.

How’s about you? What do you think?

Watching video:

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