Men dances to “Budots” during a party in Bohol


Filipinos love to entertain themselves and each other. It’s in our culture to make each other feel comfortable especially visitors from outside our town or country. Besides singing, most Filipinos also loves to dance despite not having the actual skill to dance. For us, even if we are not good singers or dancers, the important thing is we’re all having fun. Three years ago, a group of men went viral on social media for dancing to the Budots remix.

From the video, it seemed like they were having a party of a small get-together. They had a karaoke machine, tables and chairs, drinks, and each other.

The Budots dance is not a complicated dance. In fact, you don’t need to be good at dancing to do it. The point of the Budots is to have fun dancing even if you look hilarious doing it. That was what these guys were doing when they danced to the Budots remix.

There were at least ten men dancing the Budots, some of them were even shirtless. They had their own Budots step and had fun doing it. One even pulled another man who was just sitting to join them. The men were at least 40-50 years old which makes them more amusing. Of course, with the intoxicating drinks they had, they looked like a bunch of drunkards while dancing.

Budots has been very popular among Filipino netizens. A lot of people have posted their own versions of the Budots dance. It actually became common on social media at some point.

The Budots dance has been adopted by the popular noontime show “It’s Showtime.” They use it on one of their bids every time they ask anyone on air “Tiga san ka?” As soon as they answer, the music plays and the person they asked along with the hosts would begin dancing the Budots.

Watch The Video Below:


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