Man stages most romantic proposal by putting a wooden treasure box under the ground, they uncover the box and it reveals a wedding ring

Over the recent past years, we have seen many viral videos online about grand proposals. Of course it would go trending on several social media platforms because we all buy into the idea of love. Whenever we see these romantic videos online, we get inspired making us want to experience the same joy that these people get.

Grand gestures for a proposal are definitely one of the things that sweep women of their feet. But nothing could probably get more creative and romantic than this viral footage of a wedding proposal during a metal detecting hike.

A guy from Kabletown, West Virginia just staged the most well-thought off and effortful proposal to date. He bought an old treasure box from a vintage shop, placed a wedding ring inside it, and hid it deep under the mud. Of course, this was all so he could carry out his plan of surprising his girlfriend.

He then asked his girlfriend to join him in a metal detecting hike through the forest and this is where the whole video started. The metal detectors have signaled off near a huge rock, sensing that the box with the engagement ring was beneath it.

The guy went on to dig up on the area until they found an old box covered in dirt. His girlfriend tried to take a footage of the whole process of uncovering the box. They slowly removed the mud on the cover and it initially revealed a Bible verse at the top part. They went on to remove more dirt and another verse was found at the bottom. The verses read Matthew 13:44 and Proverbs 18:22.

During this time, the girlfriend whose name is Lisa, was overly excited about the box. The fact that they had Bible verses on them got her even more elated to find out what was inside it. Not knowing what the verses meant, the guy took out his Bible to find what Proverbs 18:22 was.

As the guy opens the box, we see something that was wrapped in white cloth. He goes back to the bible and finally finds the verse which said, “He who finds a wife has found a good thing.” Lisa was probably all caught up about the treasure they dug up that she didn’t realize her boyfriend was trying to tip off that he was going to propose.

It wasn’t until the guy revealed what was beneath the white cloth that she finally understood. Upon seeing the ring, Lisa got very emotional, dropping the phone in the process. Her boyfriend picked it up and aimed the camera at her, filming her response.

The guy then asks the important question, and before he even finishes his sentence, Lisa already answered with a smiling “Yes!”

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