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Having owned cats for as long as I can remember, I’m sure you can imagine what little experience I’ve had with mice in the home. Let’s just say that our cats never had to go hungry.

And while most would agree that mice are incredibly cute in pictures and pet shops, not many people are so overjoyed to find one of the little creatures in or even near the house. But Simon Dell, however, found it as a golden opportunity.

Simon And The Mouse Village


Simon is a wildlife photographer from Sheffield, United Kingdom. When he came across some mice in his backyard one day, he went above and beyond just snapping a few photos.

“Being a keen wildlife photographer, I am often taking photos of birds on the feeders in the garden,” Simon said. “Then one day I looked down to see a very cute little house mouse standing up in the grass.”

Using fruits, vegetables, logs, and other props, he built a little house in his garden in hopes that the mice would move in. Luckily, they loved his homely offering and decided to stay.

As the adorable pictures show, the mice enjoy their new home immensely. It’s clear that George, Mildred, and their baby, Mini, (as the mice have been affectionately named) are quite content with their generous landlord. Complete with tunnels, a playground, and natural decor, what more could a family of mice want?

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No doubt about it, Simon knows just how to please the charming rodents. He took special care to prepare a log pile where the mice can hide from the cats over the fence, and while taking his regular walk on a nature preserve near his house he collects nuts and berries to take home for his little mice friends.

On special occasions, Simon will leave out a luxurious banquet for the little critters. Doesn’t that look just delicious!

And if that wasn’t enough already, Simon even provided means of transportation should they need to run some errands in a nearby field or make a quick getaway in case of cat emergency.

Not wanting to leave his tiny friends out of the Christmas festivities, Simon was kind enough to decorate their entryway for the holidays.

Finding Time For The Little Things


Simon obviously has a special love for all living creatures, especially the little ones. He doesn’t seem to mind taking time out of his day to care for his newfound friends, and as an extra bonus, he gets to take some truly unique pictures in the meantime.

“The mice are very trusting and know I mean them no harm,” he shares. “I love nature, so am happy to live alongside such cute creatures.”

Maybe your life is a little too busy to spend time preparing an immaculate home for a couple of field mice. And maybe your photography skills aren’t refined enough to catch professional photos of fast-moving critters. But anyone can take just a moment from their day to leave out some berries or nuts for a traveling critter!

And if you’re lucky enough, you may even get to see them enjoy it as much as these little mice enjoy their lovely home!


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