Having heart attack when witnessing three kids caught a pack of snakes by their raw hands

These kids made netizens have heart attack when they used their raw hands to catch a pack of snakes

The life of rural children is radically different from that of urban ones. Especially in developing countries where there is a big gap in the number of the poor and the rich..

In countryside, the existence of highly technological devices such as computers or smartphones is pretty rare. So, rural areas’s children seems to have a little ‘wild’ life and, obviously, environmental friendly.

Just another day on their family’s field.

They’re not afraid of dangerous animals, or, at least, they’re very brave when catching these life-threatening animals.

Just like three kids in this video below do. They caught a pack of snakes by their raw hands.

These kids are struggling to catch a pack of snakes by their raw hands

They acted as if those snakes were their pets and they were simply playing with them. Nothing dangerous, but just by witnessing through the screen give watchers goosebumps

And we wonder how they could be that brave ?

Some left comments like:

“A good example of how we can live in peace with our environment. Those dangerous animals are often more friendly than human beings we know. People in developing countries are more resilient than their counterparts in so called developed world.”

“OMG ! These snakes must be toys ! How could they be that harmless ? And how could these kids be that brave ?”

“I fainted away, literally, only by watching this video !”

“alright, i need a few minutes to figure all these things out. First of all, are they children ?”

So, are you dare to have this hunting experience ?

Watching video:

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