Having a birth pain during 30 hours, a pregnant woman asked her wife and nurses to “make some noise”

When feeling this mother’s happiness, many women said that they are not afraid of being pregnant any more.


When imagining the situation of pregnant women, many people will think about the image of the extremely bad women with many characteristics such as a big stomach, an unkempt hair and sweat rolling on their body.

However, other mothers are excited about welcoming their baby, because they think that baby can give them a new fresh energy and strong health. This typical woman is Alicia Exantus that lives in Florida, America.

When being pregnant during 40 weeks, Alicia was bound to go into labor and she was taken to Manatee Memorial Hospital to check and gave birth. Because of being over the moon, Alicia danced with music right in the hospital.

In this video, Alicia dressed the clothes of hospital with a big stomach; however, she still went smoothly. Then her wife and some nurse participate in dancing with her, too.

Alicia said that: We had memorable moments with nurses in Manatee Memorial Hospital. We must say that they were truely super hero because they assisted me in having surpring birth experience.

Finally, after 30 hours, Alicia and his husband welcomed Tatum successfully on 2nd, August. Especially, Tatum was born in the room of hospital and supported by a doctor with Alicia.

The happiness and excitement of Alicia’s family even nurses appealed directly to many people and helped pregnant women ro reduce the anxiety of giving birth.

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