Going down a deep well without any protections, the stupid man gets an unforgettable result

This is the private experiment, people and children should not try to do it!

To check the deepth of a well, this man jumped into it and challenged himself.

However, as soon as his feet were under the cold water, he regreted about the stupid thing he was doing.

Not only cold, there were many mosquitos in there and the wall inside well was so slippery that he could not touch to climb up.

Finally, he had to give up the stupid prank and kept balance like a Spiderman to call the help.

After posted on social media, this video has gone viral in community. Many people expressed their disappointment with his action and gave negative comments.

“What? Check the deepth of well? Definitely it is not his business!”

“If I were him, I would spend time on researching the reason why the water is in well”.

On the other hand, some people worried about his life, because the well is too deep and no one knows what will happen after that.

“It’s totally extremely dangerous! I can’t imagine if no one hears his voice or nobody is at home, so what will he do next? Wait for someone all night?”

“God bless you! Everything is safe!”

How’s about you? What do you think about his experiment?

Watching video:

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