Girl using water’s current to cook roasted chicken is just incredible!

Nowadays, common commodities needed by people on a daily basis is on a constant price hike. This is probably why some of our fellowmen just choose to make their own version of things which are commercially sold in the market but at a high price.

Just like what this lady did. It may seem unthinkable but what she was able to create was truly remarkable.

In a video uploaded by a Facebook user named Lynaci Ramsej, a woman can be seen in an area around a river. As the video progresses, the woman was seen collecting trunks of banana plants which were abundant in the area she was in.

She then cut the trunk into 3 equally long parts. The divided part were put together horizontally by putting a piece of wood in between them.

Afterwards, the girl then attached a part of the banana’s trunk on the upper portion of what she previously made. She then added smaller trunks on either side of the combined parts of the trunk.

Moments later, she collected branches that fell down from the trees in the forest. These branches were attached together so that they form the skeletal shape of something resembling a wheel.

The ends of the branches were small trunks of the banana plant. This will serve as the material that will enable the do-it-yourself chicken roasting machine to move at a steady speed.

Next, the girl now puts in her main dish, a whole dressed chicken! The wheel-like ensemble that she created was attached with the branch containing the chicken. It was then out near the running water from the river so it can continuously roll on its own.

Tadaaaa! Here goes the fully functional mechanical chicken roasting machine!

See the full video here:

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