Female soldier takes a 20 kilometres walking, when she almost finishes, her legs become dead tired but her will admires everyone

All US soldiers are subjected to difficult and professional training. Each test has very strict requirements. Female soldiers are no exception.

Sarah Cudd is a female American soldier who has passed through the tough competition to make anyone feel impressed by her strong will.

It would be very difficult for a soldier to walk 20 kilometers in three hours.However, to get a badge in the medical field along with the badge infantry, she has to get through this exam…

A few days ago, Sarah had to go through 46 test sections. In this contest, she only has 13 minutes to see if she can reach her destination in time or not. However, when she was near her goal, her legs were soft and exhausted, but her desire for finishing was so strong that she passed the exam, to the finish line, she could barely move and landfall.

The surrounding team cheered on Sarah. Each time she received encouragement, she continued to strengthen her will to reach the destination.

Sarah kept standing up a while and falling down again, after a few seconds she tried to stand up to go without giving up. Each time, her persistent will be shined.

Sarah’s teammates continued to encourage her on a continuous basis, this also added the will to complete the test.

Sarah finally succeeded. As she finished, the applause of complimented her unceasingly. Everyone congratulated her.

In fact, the success rate in this contest is only 17%. But with Sarah’s steel will, she achieved success and received the honor of everyone.

This shows that the fighting spirit of American soldiers deserves praise.

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