Everybody was touched by the reaction of the cat when he saw the old image of the deceased owner


Cat looks at the image of his owner with his loving eyes, then quietly hugged the image to his heart.

Everyone also thinks that cats are “cold” pets, separated from their owners because of their preference for independent living. But that does not mean they do not have affection for their owners. If suddenly one day his owner is gone, the cat can also recognize the “absence”. You can see that they can look for their master, wait for their master at the door, at the foot of the bed, or in their favorite chair that is full of memories between them. Even cats can find their owner.

Cats also really loves owners

The cat hugged the picture with sad eyes

Who says animals have no emotion

A short video below can prove to you that cats are also very fond of the owner. The cat in this clip accidentally saw the old photos of his deceased owners and the cat’s reaction to make anyone feel touched. After watching this video, we can really believe that the cat really has a lot of love for his late boss. Who says animals have no emotion, right? Just look at the cat, the way it looks at the image of his owner with his eyes, then quietly hugged the image to his heart, do you feel want to shed tears?

Animals really are close friend of human. Not long ago, everybody cries when witness that the dog asks flowers to bring to tomb of owners. It is known that the dog patiently asked the flower of a shop to bring to the owner’s tomb. Even the owner of the flower shop gives food, dogs do not receive. Until a flower is given, the dog leaves. Soon, the dog went to the owner’s tomb and sat there for hours. The short video reminds us of the love of animals as well as the loyalty of dogs.

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