Dog Hit By A Car Is Rescued By Woman Who Saw Her Limping On The Side Of The Road

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A woman and her children were driving one afternoon when they noticed a small dog limping on the side of the road.

They immediately stopped and picked up the dog, who looked like she had been hit by a car.

The Good Samaritans brought the dog to Pawsh Place Veterinary Center & Boutique, where vets immediately began treating the injured dog. The staff at the center also started looking for the dog’s owner — after finding out she didn’t have a microchip, they took to Facebook for help.

“We’re so grateful to the good samaritans who brought her to our hospital ASAP!” the vet center wrote.

“Sadly, we haven’t been able to find her owner yet.”

Over the next few days, the vet and technicians cared for the dog; they ran tests, gave her stitches, prescribed her medication, and monitored her recovery. The primary vet even went on the news to talk about the pup’s story and try to find her owner. Staff members kept followers up to date on the dog’s progress, and they even gave her a temporary name: Sweet Girl.

And although she’d come in limping, Sweet Girl recovered quickly. Just two days after she was brought to Pawsh Place, Sweet Girl was up and walking on all four paws!

As community members learned about Sweet Girl, they began sending gifts and donations to the vet center. Some people donated money, others sent treats and toys, and others even offered to adopt Sweet Girl if her family isn’t found.

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