Dog Can Hardly Breath While Crying When Visiting Cemetery To See His Late Owner’s Gravestone

Do dogs really grieve? That’s a question that a lot of people seem to ponder about. It’s for sure they are loyal and loving but do they actually care when a family member isn’t around anymore?

It seems like a lot of stories prove that it is not only important to them but even that they grieve him. Death can be as difficult for a dog as it is for you or me. They are lost without their owners.

The dog is named Wiley and he is a therapy dog and in this video, he’s lying on the grave of the owner’s grandmother. The grandmother and the dog were very close and you realize that the dog is completely devastated by losing her.

This video is heart-wrenching and quite sad in general. It has generated many views and comments of those that are concerned for Wiley and others that aren’t quite sure what to think.

Sarah, Wiley’s owner, posted a description of the video describing how she feels about Wiley’s reaction.
It has been reported that dogs cry the loss of a loved one and this is a very common thing.

Some will have mood swings and others will even become depressed. Some signs of depression in dogs are: eating less, drinking less, and whining and howling more. Some will even sleep more than normal or appear tired all the time.

Tout comme les humains, les chiens doivent faire leur deuil et comprendre également que c’est normal et pas mal. Mais ils ne prennent pas trop de temps. Comme nous, ils doivent retrouver une vie normale pour que la dépression ne les consume pas.

In order to help them make a recovery from a loss, try and involve them in some fun physical activities. These type of exercises release serotonin that will boost the brain and create happiness.

It’s not been proven that animals truly grieve but given this video and the like, I have no doubt. What other reason should a dog act this way?

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