Candidate is too talented! He only sings 5 words on the stage, all the judges press the button ‘I want you’

His voice makes audiences heart-melting.

What is the powerful voice? At The Voice in the Netherlands, Charly Luske, who had just sung the five words of “This Is A Man’s World”, made the judges turn around and press the button “I want you!”

Lots of people know Charly Luske because of his great performance in The Voice of Holland in 2011. His blind audition with It’s a Man’s World by James Brown, was seen over a million times on social media and elicited positive comments from Daddy Yankee and Toni Braxton, among others. In the semifinal, Iris Kroes won the competition. In 2012, Charly performed as Judas in The Passion.

Since The Voice of Holland, Charly sings in fixed formation with singer/guitar player Danjil Tuhumena and singer/piano player Nick Bult. They can expand to an entire band, including horn section and backing vocals, if asked for.

Charly Luske released a couple of successful singles. In October 2016, he released his most recent single Fly, which is also the title track for the Dutch movie Fataal. Fly was written and sung in collaboration with Brownie Dutch.

Just 5 words!

Not only the judges praised his performance, but also a male audience said, “When he just sang his first verse, I almost ” loved “him!

The voice is raspy and energetic, let’s watch the video below.

Watching video:

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