Canada’s Legalization Of Cannabis was Predicted by the Simpsons 13 Years Ago

In 2005, which was now 13 years ago, the Simpsons predicted Canada legalizing cannabis.

The episode, titled “Midnight Rx,” was based around a plot in which the “Simpsons Rothschild” character Mr. Burns devises a scheme to make prescription drugs unavailable without a high cost in the town of Springfield, so Homer and his friends decide to get cheaper drugs from Manitoba, Canada.

Homer and grandpa are eventually joined by Ned and Apu in the show. While in Canada, Ned encounters a Canadian parallel version of himself, and the parallel character tries to offer him a joint, a “reeferino” as the Ned character called it.

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Now, Canada has become the first country to federally legalize cannabis, although restrictive regulations are still in place for it, some of which sort of defeat the purpose.

According to the Daily Mail:

“While in Canada, Ned meets the Canadian version of himself – set with a curly afro – but instantly takes a disliking to him after his counterpart tries to give him a ‘reeferino.’Reeferino appears to be a doobie – also referred to as a joint.’It’s legal here,’ Canadian Ned tells his American counterpart. Ned quickly retorts: ‘They warned me Satan would be attractive. Let’s go!’

The Simpsons has predicted other historic occurrences before, most notably the eventual rise of Donald Trump as president.”

(Image credit: the Daily Mail)

It has been claimed that the Simpsons predicted Greece’s financial crisis in 2015, in a 2013 episode titled “Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson.” It was just a subtle thing on a screen in the episode, in which a news ticker at the bottom of a screen flashed with the words “Europe puts Greece on eBay.”

A 1990 episode famously depicted Bart catching a mutated, three eyed fish in a river due to the town’s nuclear power plant. In 2011, a real fish like this was discovered. At the same time, this is a common consequence of radiation.

More predictions were made, but not all of them are as surprising. According to one article:

“One 1998 episode centred around Homer and Bart’s racket reselling cooking oil – a crime that seems daft on the surface, but was reported as becoming a real life crime caper some 10 years later.

“In the 1995 episode ‘Lisa’s Wedding’, set in the future, her fiancee has a poster in her room claiming that The Rolling Stones will still be on tour in 2010 on “The Steel Wheelchair Tour.” The same episode, by the way, sees characters communicate via snazzy electronic watches. Wherever might Apple have got their idea from…”

“Remember the giant addictive vegetables spawned on the family’s adopted farm in 1999 episode ‘E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)’ when Homer poisons his crops with tobacco? Yep, that too, has since happened in real life, with giant deformed tomatoes popping up around a nuclear plant in Japan.”

They even predicted magicians Siegfried and Roy being mauled by a tiger, and it happened in real life in 2003. The episode aired in 1993. That was not a nice “prophecy” to come alive. People may never know why the Simpsons “predict” everything.

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