Can Your Summer Fling Turn Into A Relationship? Here Are 10 Signs It’s Happening

7. They introduce you to their people. Meeting the friends is a step towards building a relationship and introducing you to their community isn’t taken lightly. Unless, of course, when meeting you the friends say “Which one is this?”

8. You start to get into a routine. You hit the same brunch place, you have their address in your Postmates app, and it’s assumed you’ll be hanging out most nights.

9. Your stuff is at their place and their stuff is at yours. If you accidentally left an earring or pair of underwear at their place, it doesn’t mean you’ve got a future together. But if you’ve got contact solution or a toothbrush in the bathroom, then that’s a good sign.

10. You don’t always have sex. Flings are flings because they’re fun, quick, and passionate – AKA full of sex. When you have a great night together and are having a sleepover and you don’t have sex, that means sex is no longer the defining reason you two are together. There’s more to it now.

So while it’s a given that summer is on the way out, if your fling is exhibiting any of the behaviors above, there’s a good chance you guys have staying power. If you’re not sure, first of all decide what you want and then check in with them. If they’re not sure, I wouldn’t start planning your couple’s Halloween costume just yet, but just enjoy the rest of August and, most importantly, have fun.

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