Brilliant Sculpture Installation “Shines a Light” on Our Technology Fixation

Sitting on a bench, three people with their faces lit by the light of their smartphone screens, seemingly unaware of each other and their surroundings. A very ordinary scene these days. This particular scene however, is a sculpture created for the 7th Amsterdam Light Festival themed ’The Medium is the Message’.

The sculpture ’Absorbed by Light’ was submitted by international design agency Design Bridge and designed by Senior Designer Gali Lucas.

Gali May Lucas, British artist and graphic designer has been living in Amsterdam working for Design Bridge based her design on the contrast of being in the moment and being distracted by technology.

“In winter, when it gets dark so early, you see people all around the city illuminated by the light of their mobile phones,” Lucas tells My Modern Met. “In parks, cafes—even on their bikes. It’s quite eerie. This light that rules our lives is sometimes our only means of connection, yet it also isolates us completely. It detaches us from the real world.”

Lucas normally works in 2D and teamed up with sculptor Karoline Hinz, based in Berlin. Hinz’s finished work was then shipped and assembled and installed by Lucas in Amsterdam.

Although the artwork gives no positive or negative opinion on the subject, Lucas hopes it will create conversation on social interactions and technology in our lives. She says, “I’m not trying to send a specific message of change people’s behavior—I just hope they think objectively about the white light of technology and the role it plays in their lives. It’s more of an observation—I just hope it gets people talking.”

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