Biker gives full body alignment session publicly

For most people, experiencing a soothing massage after a long and tiring day is something that can instantly wipe out all their stress and worries and give them peace of mind as well as the relaxing and relieved feeling.

This is why people are willing to pay a certain amount just for the experience and the after effects of having a whole body massage.

However, in this video that is now making rounds online, a guy had a rather unexpected way of giving his clients a massage.

In the said video, the man starts off with the upper body part of his female client. From her head to her neck, the man had a unique way of ‘cracking’ her bones. His next move involved twisting and turning the arms of the woman.

After a few moments, the girl was requested to lay down facing the ground. The man then kicked off by twisting the woman’s feet in a circular manner.

He then proceeded with her hips. He pushed through the parts with joint to crack up the woman’s body. From her feet up to her back, its as if every bone in her body was cracked up.

Meanwhile, many onlookers were heard reacting as the guy kept on doing his extraordinary massage.

At the end of the video, the girl got up and it was as if a heavy load has been removed from her shoulders after all the cracking up she had gone through.

Well, what about you? Are you willing to undergo this kind of massage too?

Watch the full video here:

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