A baby was given birth magically though her mother was comatose during 3 months

The miracle happened to the mother Quynh Anh (in Hoang Mai district, Hanoi) when her baby was born healthily despite her deep coma for 3 months.


According to the New Family Newspaper, on August 22th, Thanh Nhan Hospital (Hanoi) has had a special operation to save a pregnant women (38 weeks) who is still in a deep coma after a traffic accident.


More than 3 months ago, on May 9th, on the way to work in front of Yen So Park (Hoang Mai), Ms. Do Quynh Anh (29, 5 months pregnant) accidentally had a crash into a motorbike driver carring a bunch of stuffs, which made her fell down on the road immediately. The person who caused the accident ran away and Quynh Anh was taken to Thanh Nhan Hospital right after that.

Quynh Anh hospitalized in a state of loss of consciousness, coma deep and bad prognosis. However, the fetal heart in her belly is still beating very well. Therefore, doctors have decided to save the mother ensuring that it does not affect the health of the fetus in her abdomen.

After the operation, the mother kept alive but lost consciousness, bedridden and she had to breathe through specialized machine. During that time, doctors still tried to keep the baby until there was enough condition to give birth to her.

According to Dan Viet Newspaper, due to costly treatment and the fact that Quynh Anh’s family condition are not well-off, one of her relative posted her story on social network expecting for some support at the right time.

After only a few days, more than 500 people have donated money and gifts with a view to relieving the burden with their families and giving the mother and her baby an opportunity to live.

More than 3 months in hospital, Quynh Anh’s health has gradually improved. Her unconsciousness no longer remains and her muscles becomes flexible. Especially, she is able to react and have sense of perceptual perceptions again. The baby in her abdomen still grow like other normal babies.

The magic came when the baby was born in full term with a weight of 3.2 kg and the health of both mother and child are stable. Baby is named as Tue which means growing up to be an intellectual beautiful girl.

The moment when the baby was born is the happiness of both family and doctors in the hospital. Maybe miracle came to the mother who was in a deep coma so that she could overcome the serious danger risking her life.

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