8 Signs That Show Your Man Is Loyal To You

I hate to break it to you Disney movies, but relationships aren’t exactly a walk in the park. They come with their own share of storms and tribulations that each couple must face. But once they’ve crossed that bridge, it only forges the strength of their love even more – so, worry not all you romantics, it’s not solely heartbreak and tears in romance land. Trust us, happy ever afters don’t just exist at the end of fairytales!

And talking about fairytale romances, one of the essential ingredients in any epic love story is – you guessed it! – loyalty. But how does a woman know if her man is loyal? Well, we’re here to save the day. If your man is displaying these 8 signs, then be sure to know he is a loyal lover!

1. His Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Even if he is a man of few words, it doesn’t matter! You always know the depth of his feelings for you through his actions. You’ve had exes who’ve wooed you with sweet words and empty promises, but this man doesn’t just deliver a trite and obligatory “You look lovely tonight” when you’re headed out for dinner. His body language and gestures in public actually do make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the room!

2. He Initiates Conversations

It doesn’t matter if he has a double-promotion-worthy presentation to deliver, or (more importantly) a cricket/ football/ tennis match tonight that he simply has to see (or lo and behold, the world ends), he will still find time to interact with you. And talk. And listen. Be it a call or a text – he’ll find a way.

3. He Wants To Know Everything About You

And by everything, we truly mean everything. He’s fascinated by the smallest details of your life. No tidbit about your mundane childhood is too boring. Your habits, hobbies, and hopes – he wants to know them all. And you know what the most fascinating thing is? He actually commits these nuggets of information about you to memory!

4. He Will Find Reasons To Meet You

He’s always looking forward to dates and outings, and truly enjoys surprising you with spontaneous dinners. And before you wonder, the reason for this is very simple – he genuinely loves spending time with you. Why? Because he’s in l-o-v-e, silly!

5. He Knows Your Family Very Well

He remembers your mom’s birthday and knows your dad enjoys playing tennis. He remembers your baby sister’s favorite song when you occasionally happen to pick her up from school, and he and your older brother have their own ‘bromance’ going on. The evidence is indisputable – he loves spending time with your family. Since they matter to you, they matter to him too!

6. He Never Breaks His Promises

Once you have his promise on a matter, you’re instantly reassured and never fret for you know – he is a man of his word. It’s simple, really – He would never disappoint you by forgoing on his promise and shattering the trust and commitment the two of you share.

7. He Respects Your Point Of View

Now, you may differ in opinions from time to time, but by no means will he criticize or berate you for having your own perspective. Of course not! He is a gentleman first, but more importantly, he respects you. Hence, he always listens to your opinions with interest and considers them. Even if he doesn’t necessarily agree.

8. He Never Ever Takes You For Granted

Never. He would never risk losing his most precious possession – you.

There you have it – 8 signs that reflect your man’s loyalty. Share this post with a friend who could use a guide to spot a loyal lover herself!

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