27 People Showed What True Happiness Is, and Their Photos Are Truly Inspiring

Happiness is something we all strive for. Every person has a different understanding of what happiness is and it’s incredible how many people are capable of achieving their goals.

We found 27 examples of things that internet users call happiness and we’re sure that they’ll make you happy too!

27 People Showed What True Happiness Is, and Their Photos Are Truly Inspiring

This couple lost weight together in just 5 months:

“Quick turnaround: Lemon in the shelter vs. when we brought her home a few hours later. Instant happiness.”

“Selfie kid lives 2 towns over from me and posted this.”

“Just really happy to see my mom after 6 months of training.”

“For over 2 years, my husband and I spent countless hours going through tests and treatments. After several heartbreaks, we decided to stop trying. 2 weeks later, we got a positive pregnancy test. Today we are celebrating our daughter’s third month of life.”

“Today was my last chemo treatment for breast cancer!”

“Today I won my 12-year battle against homelessness. For the first time since I was 16 years old, I finally have a place to call home.”

This is so cute!

“I just submitted my last final paper for my Master’s degree!”

“My friend after biking 4,374 miles across the United States. From Washington to Maine.”


“The pure happiness when I put Mickey Mouse ears on my wedding day! They were a surprise gift from my new husband to take on our honeymoon!”

“After 19 years, I have won my battle against trichotillomania! I present to you my first full head of hair since the 3rd grade!”

“After 9 years of battling addiction, I am almost 10 months sober. I got a new smile today after years of dental problems and I can’t even describe how much I love it!”

“It took me 31 years to see snow for the first time!”

“After 4 years of being out of school due to a traumatic brain injury, I am lucky to be able to call myself a student again.”

“My beautiful girlfriend is an avid knitter and just finished her first sweater! I am unbelievably proud of her and she looks gorgeous sporting her new threads!”

“Proudest day of my life!”

“I said yes at the most magical place on earth!”

“I donated all of my hair yesterday.”

“I’m a father now!”

“The day I met Robert”

“I suffer from severe depression. I traveled over 6,000 miles for a solo vacation in L.A. and I haven’t been this happy in years.”

“Phil Basser, a 99-year-old Eagles fan since 1933: “If I live to be 100, I might see the Eagles win a SuperBowl.” He was at the stadium tonight. He turns 100 years old next month.”

“After a long custody battle, today I became the legal guardian of my little brother and we’re both very happy.”

“10 years ago, I was a terrified pregnant teenager who thought I’d never be able to give my daughter a decent life. After years of hard work and sacrifice, we were able to buy a house! Might seem mundane to some, but I never thought we’d make it here.”

“Granny celebrating her 104th birthday!”

Which stories made you smile and which of them moved you the most? Tell us about the happiest moment of your life in the comment section below!

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