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If you hang out on the internet a lot, you know that you can hack everything. Some hacks can help you through your daily interactions.

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Mental processes can seem very complicated, yet they are usually set off by simple events. These simple happenings can help you understand your behavior better and help you control them and respond to them better. In this article, you will find the best life hacks which can help you navigate your way through the continuous psychological minefield that is all part of your daily social interactions. They are simple, yet powerful, can help you deal with everyday problems better and associate with those around you more effectively.

The Meaning of Silence

Did you know that silence is a way of communication? It is actually one of the most powerful forms of communication, so harness its power. For example, when someone gives you an impartial or unsatisfactory answer to a question, just keep silent with a steady eye contact until they give you the answer you are looking for. By keeping silent, they will naturally know that you need further explanation and not satisfied.

Chew Gum

When you are chewing gum, you are tricking your brain making it think that you are eating. If you have the urge to eat emotionally, choosing some natural gum may be a good option. Chewing gum can also help you reduce stress and fight anxiety through the repetitive action keeping your brain busy.

Avoid Saying “I Believe”

“I believe” and similar phrases are just fillers that are simply stating the obvious when sharing your opinion. People usually know that you believe what you are saying. Skip such phases to look more convincing and confident. People will believe you more.

Watch When Laughing

When you are with a group of friends and you are all laughing observe everyone. Watch who are the ones looking at each other. People tend to look at the one they feel the closest to when laughing. This is a good way to find out who are the best friends in the group.

Behave the Way You Want to Feel

Your emotions affect your thoughts and behavior. However, it is true the other way around as well. Your behavior and outward actions can affect your emotions and attract feelings you want to feel. Smile a lot, and your mind will be able to experience joy and happiness more easily.

Be Confident

Everyone has moments when they don’t feel confident. However, you can fake it till you make it. Appear as confident in front of people as you can, so they give you more attention and respect you more. With their respect, you will naturally gain more confidence.

Imagine the Interviewer Is an Interested Person

If you have an interview, don’t act like or sound like you are being tortured. Treat the interviewer with respect and as if they were close to you. Be friendly, relaxed, respectful, and natural and be interested in their questions.

Eye Contact

If you want to get close to someone, eye contact is one of your most powerful tools to draw their attention and make a connection with them.

Sit Close to the Person That Intends to Scold You

People generally don’t feel comfortable when they are about to scold someone who stands close to them. If you are in conflict with your boss, sit right next to them at a meeting. Chances are they won’t scold you.

Get Someone to Do You a Favor

Asking someone for a favor can be difficult. They may refuse. If you want to ask them for something bigger first, something they will likely to refuse. Chances are they will accept your smaller and real request later on.

Use these tips to help you in your social situations and make your life easier.

Do you have other psychological tricks or hacks to share with our community? Share them in the comments, we would love to hear them.

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