Watch: Malaysian Man’s Hilarious Reaction When Wife Puts on Mascara for Him

When a man loves his partner, he is willing to walk a thousand miles, swim in the fiery seas and face any challenges for her. All just to prove that his love for her is pure and she could rely on him for anything.

Recently, a video of a married couple where the wife is putting make up on her husband went viral as the reaction of the husband managed to strike laughter in all who have watched the video.

Okey sis terhibur. Aghhh selokk . Cocoh butir mato B keaa

Опубликовано Hayati Yatt Четверг, 6 сентября 2018 г.

The man, Shafiran Azran, volunteered to be the subject of the wife’s make up experiment, without knowing that he will soon face a very scary tool, the mascara.

He said,

“Careful love, don’t you poke my eye with the mascara. I might go blind!”

In the Kelantanese dialect, he expressed his fear about the mascara poking his eye blind and asked the wife to be careful. But the wife comforted him and said, “It is going to be ok, just look up and let me finish. You will look so pretty after this.” Complete with a hijab, he transformed into quite a beautiful man.

Mr Shafiran turned out to be such a cool husband although he was scared throughout the video. Hopefully both of you will continue on to experience great and sweet things together. Kudos from us!

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