The boy sings on the street and two strangers joined in his performance, the sudden music party spread lots of happiness

Music makes people happy.

The guy sitting on the sidewalk played skillfully on the strings and raised his voice. The hilarious melody of the song inspired the passersby, which made him have a positive connection with two strangers.

After that, there was a person who sang together with him, so the song became much more attractive. Many people around began to re-close and enjoyed their performance.

The show was more exciting when the man wearing a yellow shirt started rapping. At the first time, it’s thought that the rap wasn’t suitable with the song. However, the thinking is totally wrong, it was a perfect match.

After the video was posted on the social network, it recieved many positive comments. A person said “Music makes people feel happier. It can help people reduce stress after a hard-working day.”

Another netizen commented “When music turns up, there isn’t any border between people. They even don’t need to communicate with each other, they still understand their thinking due to music.”

All three boys don’t know each other, but music has helped them become closer.

Street performance doesn’t mean that the artist doesn’t have the talent. Sometimes only the most normal scene makes us closer together. It’s like the amazing combination of the three guys.

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