Seeing son dancing inside the car, this mother didn’t care, but till the end, she could not bear anymore

Living with the “crazy” son like this, the parent have to be calm so much!

The video of a young man recording his performance in car has gone viral on social media and attracted the regard of 13 million viewers.

The special thing is his mother, although he is extremely naughty, she did not care and still paid attention to driving. But till the end, she could not bear anymore and decided to do that.

How could he disturb his mom? Let’s check it out:

The way back home is too long and he feels so bored. “Why don’t we turn on the music, mom?”

He gave mother the special edition of lip syncing the hottest songs with his expressive face

Closing eyes, frowning on his forehead and doing many weird gestures, he was trying to attract his mother’s attention

But “Sorry”, “I Took a Pill in Ibiza”, “Can’t Stop This Feeling”, “Don’t Let Me Down” are finished, the mother’s face is still not changed, the more naughty he was, the more she paid attention

Looking at him, it is sound like he wanted to talk “MOMMY, SING WITH ME!!!” and her face just like “Don’t bother me! Let me in!”

Allright, he had another way to pull her attention, this action made mother can not stand anymore. So she decided to stop him right now. Such a mean boy!!

After posted on social media, many netizens recognized him, Motorki Maxted, a famous Youtuber and

social influencer. He is known for making comical and moving videos on his channel. He is also involved with Loyola Marymount University’s TV station while producing his own content.

Most netizens left their positive comments on his private social account that:

“Mom: No worries son, we’re arriving at the mental hospital in a minute”.

An account express her sympathy to his mother: “I’m honestly impressed by your mother’s ability to keep a straight face”.

“What does his mummy thinks about at this moment ? She’s so calm!”, another girl has the same oppinion.

A man share that : “This is literally the funniest thing I’ve seen in my entire life”

Or “Imagine a carpool karaoke with him and James Cordan”.

How’s about you? What do you think of his performance and his mother’s face??

Watching video:

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