Nursing mama dog rescued just 20 feet away from the home where her owner and pups lived

According to the Animal Planet’s video, the puppies and mama dog are doing fine and will be ready for adoption soon.

Owning a pet is not hard, but taking good care of these furry ones is not like eating a piece of cake—it calls for ethics and good moral conscience. This pit bull mother was found living in streets just 20 feet away from the home where her owner lived with her pups.

This nursing mama dog was found roaming in the parking lot of a supermarket in New Orleans. The pit bull was visibly emaciated and hungry. The security guard at the supermarket called the Villalobos Rescue Center; the team was shocked when they saw the desperate pooch.

They were prepared to encounter a not-easy-to-handle mother dog, but what they witnessed was quite the opposite. The dog showed no sign of agitation or anger; instead, when the staff called her, the pup came over wagging her tail.

It was clear that she was not treated well by her owner, but this gentle canine still decided to love other humans, like she knew these men were there to help her.

“She came across the road,” Matt, one of the rescue team members, told Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls and Parolees. “She looked me straight in my eye, like she was just asking me for help. It would have been a pretty amazing moment if it wasn’t such a sad situation.”

The hungry pooch gobbled up the food that the team offered while trying to snuggle up with these caring humans. The team was then worried about the whereabouts of her puppies.

“It’s clear she just had a litter of puppies or is currently nursing,” said Tia Torres, the founder of the rescue team. “If she’s got puppies, they’re probably fairly close.”

The mama dog, as fate would have it, led the team to a nearby house; the team took no time to guess that her puppies could be inside. But this worsened the matter, because no one knew why this pit bull mother was left to fend for herself just 20 feet away from her home when her puppies needed her. Matt and the team’s cruelty investigator “Sugar” went ahead and knocked on the door.

They guessed right; the person inside the house was not happy to see them. The tenant said the dog belonged to his roommate who is currently in jail. When the team inquired about the puppies, he said, “You’re bothering me,” and shut the door. The rescuers were not ready to give up so easily. They managed to get legal permission and returned to retrieve the puppies from the area.

Another team member, Laura, helped to retrieve the pups. Though it was raining heavily, the team was fully prepared to get these little ones safely back to shelter, where their mother was waiting.

Watch the rescue video below:

It was a heartwarming moment when this canine family was reunited. The mama pit bull was finally at peace and immediately started nursing her tiny ones. Who says that animals don’t have feelings and emotions?!

According to the Animal Planet’s video, the puppies and mama dog are doing fine and will be ready for adoption soon.

Kudos to these kind rescuers who saved this precious furry family; it’s because of them that this pet abuse story has a happy ending.

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