Just 8 years old, but when she gets on the stage, she blows everyone away

Both Emily and this six-year-old dancing queen have very, very bright careers ahead of them.

Emily Moskalenko is a Ukrainian acrobat who recently got the chance to show off her skills on the Romanian talent show Next Star. With just a stage, two poles, and bones that are possibly made of rubber, Emily performed a routine unlike anything that the judges had seen before.

Although pole dancing is frequently attributed to being a strippers-only activity, it’s actually an intricate form of dance that requires incredible amounts of strength, coordination, and flexibility. Maybe that’s why no one was expecting this plus-sized woman to wow the judges when she showed them her skills!

Emily proves that there doesn’t have to be anything dirty about dancing on a pole, and she does it while literally wrapping herself around one. Seriously, how does her body even bend that way?! Both Emily and this six-year-old dancing queen have very, very bright careers ahead of them.

The most amazing part about Emily’s performance is how easily she seems to pull off all her moves. I can’t even touch my toes, but this tiny dancer can basically bend her knees backwards. Something tells me that this little girl will someday be a very big star!

She completely stuns the judges and audience of Next Star with her incredible athleticism and grace. Her performance demonstrates incredible flexibility and strength combined with artistry. She repeatedly seems to defy gravity as she flips between poses and gracefully circles the pole in seemingly impossible positions.

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