How an elderly man made it across a busy road

Somewhere there was still some good people who are willing to help others.

In the fact, there was many people who are likely to ignore others even many things happening around them. They will be not willing to assist others when they need. However, in this video there was a man, who is a police man has a good behavior when he helps an elderly man to walk through road.

This elderly man was struggling to cross a busy intersection. The traffic light turned green and all the vehilces stopped continuing to drive their car in order that he can cross road. Elderly man was walking with crutch; however, nobody helps him. Fortunately, then the police man came to assist him and pigggyback him.

The police started the video to their weibo account. He said that all the policemen in China should be like that.

Others commented that it was a heart-warming action and inspires them. They gave him many thanks because of his great behavior. It is worthy being a good example.

It was such a lovely action. They would have run over him in the west. Got pissed off and angry. No patience or respect for the elderly. An officer saw him struggle and helped him, carrying him on his back. Would not see that in the west. The traffic lights always change too quickly. A law should be passed to allow it only to change after about 10 minutes. Not just elderly need time to cross but moms with strollerd and kid plus the disabled. Drivers have to learn to that driving is a privalge and waiting a few extra mins at the crosswalks is not going to get them were there going any faster. Drivers don’t own the roads.

In conclusion, people should assist each other when anything happens. Especially, when there was somebody facing up with big problem that they can not deal with themselves. It is the period that they need other hands to raise them up. The world become more beautiful, when people know the way to concern each other and have great behaviors.

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