He shows a series of saucepans to the road,a few moments later, passers enjoy the most unique drum performance

The guy use pans to drum on the street.

Drum is an instrument that many people love, Not everyone has the money to buy a professional drum set because the drum kit is quite expensive.

If you do not have the money but want to drum, then how to do? Take advantage of all the tools you have such as saucepans, pans, buckets, iron bars … like the guy in this clip below…

He is very talented, he uses whatever tools he has, from kitchen utensils like saucepans, pans to iron bars, plastic buckets, iron trays.we thought it would be difficult to hear but the sound makes you don’t want to stop listening.

This guy appeared on the street with a set of simple things, people are wonder what this guy wants to do. But he started his drum set, everything was different, the sound began to attract people.

He sat in a position to make a great sound.

At the end of the show everyone praised him for his amazing performance.

From dawn to dusk, the loyal crowd still listens to his drumbeats, he is also immersed in his drumbeat. At the end of the show everyone praised him for his amazing performance.

After the clip was posted on the YouTube channel has attracted more than 8 million views, the overwhelming performance that made the netizens give “like” for this guy.

Watch video:

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