Clip: Kangaroo kisses hands and sincerely apologizes girlfriend, which has attracted millions views due to the action is too lovely

Every girls will be melting-hearted when the boyfriend do like that.

The clip records the beautiful moment when a kangaroo kissed hand of his girlfriend as a sweet apology. After posted on Facebook, it has been quickly attracted more than one million views and made netizens “go crazy” due to its cuteness.

It is unclear that the kangaroo has done anything to upset his girlfriend, but his sweet action has made the hardest heart to melt. With a face full of remorse, Kangaroo man held the hand of his girlfriend who are now so angry. He gently put her hand on his mouth to kiss. Although slapped, he still decided not to let go. Put his hands on his girlfriend’s chest, his lips quivered: “Calm down, sorry Bae”

Many humorous netizens offer the “assumptions” that the couple of kangaroo is a pair of lovers. Because of cheating on his girlfriend and being discovered, this guy begged for forgiveness: “Looking at this action I guess the kangaroo man has done something wrong with his girlfriend. He was slapped, it proves that he made a serious mistake”,” When I discovered the boyfriend was flirting with other girls, he also repented to apologize like this.

Though people don’t know the truth behind this story, Kangaroo’s sincere actions made the audience laugh: “He apologizes like human. His action’s so lovely, “” This is why Kangaroo is my favorite animal. They are extremely intelligent, cute and hilarious. ”

Not only is the symbol of Australia, Kangaroo is also an animal that has attracted lots of tourists. The kangaroo seems to be gentle, but if it gets angry, the Kangaroo will become more dangerous. Their kicks are able to steal an adult’s life, while their sharp nails in the hind legs are known to be used to cut off small animals.

An adult kangaroo can jump up to 3 meters height, and up to 8 meters length. It also reaches the speed of 40 kilometers per hour. However, the interesting thing is that they can not walk normally in the front legs like human beings, they have to move their legs at the same time as if both legs are tied together, so they can only jump to move. In addition, kangaroos can only move their legs independently when swimming.

Although the Kangaroo is a symbolic animal, it also makes Australia face with a series of serious problems. The increase of population has been out of control from 27 million in 2010 to 45 million in 2016, which left unpredictable consequences for the ecosystem. The Australian government has called on people to eat meat of kangaroo, but the decision recieved lots of disapproval.

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