27 Outstanding Features of the Female Body Many of Us Are Unaware Of

Sometimes we forget how unique the human body is. For example, if someone asks you right now about the differences between male and female bodies, you’ll instantly remember only the most obvious ones. This article is going to reveal less noticeable but very curious features of the female body.

We collected 27 unusual facts about the female body that will surprise both genders!

  • Once a girl turns 6 years old, her brain starts to weigh less than a male brain. This has nothing to do with the level of intelligence.
  • Women tend to trust people whom they have hugged for 15 seconds more. This happens due to the production of oxytocin in the body, which enhances the sense of trust and resists depressive emotional states.
  • An average female body contains 8%-10% more fatty tissues tha a male body. Women’s breasts don’t have muscles at all.
  • Women have more links between the parts of the brain and a thicker corpus callosum that connects the right and left hemispheres. Thanks to this feature, they are better at multitasking.
  • Women’s sleep is more sensitive because the brain’s activity decreases insignificantly during the sleeping process.
  • 2 central parts of the brain are responsible for communication in a woman’s body. That’s why women can pronounce up to 8,000 words per day, as well as receive up to 10,000 non-verbal signals.
  • Women have worse navigation than men. It is connected with the fact that performing this task for women involves the work of different parts of the brain than for men.
  • Frequent worrying and stress increase the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • On average, women live longer than men because their body is adapted to fighting illnesses better.
  • Women are better at distinguishing colors than men because of the presence of an additional X-chromosome.
  • Women have more pain receptors which is why they feel pain more intensively. However, thanks to the high level of estrogen, they are able to overcome pain easier than men.
  • Women’s sense of smell is more developed than that of men.
  • Women have better peripheral vision, while men have better straight-on vision.
  • Women’s hair is 2 times thinner than men’s.
  • Women’s muscles and ligaments have more elastin than collagen which is why they are more flexible.
  • A female neck is more flexible. When a woman is called, as a rule, she turns only her head around, while a man turns his whole body around.
  • Female skin is several times more sensitive than male.
  • Due to the presence of 2 X-chromosomes, women have less frequent complications and chronical diseases.
  • Women’s stress is often followed by headaches, stomach disorders, and a desire to cry.
  • On average, women cry 30-60 times a year, while men cry about 6-17 times.
  • Women blink 2 times more often than men. This is due to the presence of a higher level of estrogen in their bodies.
  • Women keep memories from the past better. In general, they have better abilities for remembering things.
  • Women are better at distinguishing tastes — they have more taste receptors on their tongues than men do.

Which of these facts amazed you the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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